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China is the country with the world’s largest population and also the world’s fastest-growing economy for the past 20 years.  Its accelerated economic growth has made China become one of the great economic powers of the world, while also sparking the interest of tourists for its ancient culture and civilization.

“China Info”
will provide you with a brief introduction to China’s tourist and cultural attractions. It will also provide you with some economic data that summarizes China’s impressive economic evolution.

If you are considering expanding your business and have thought of China as a potential destination, you can click on the “Chinese Visa” page, where you can find information about the various types of business-related visas the government of China issues.  You can find out if the purpose of your trip to China makes you eligible for a Chinese business visa or a Chinese tourist visa.

As a potential investor in the Chinese economy, the “Foreign Investment Data” page gives you a brief introduction to how much foreign investment has been flowing to China and where it has been directed. This is a brief macroeconomic summary describing the past trends in terms of foreign investment in China.

“Investing in China” is the page where you’ll find information about the investment opportunities that the Chinese economy creates for foreign investors and where you can get a great return for investing your capital in China despite the current economic downturn. We provide you with various possibilities of how to start investing in China, and we also provide you with a direct link to China’s Investment Promotion Bureau, a valuable resource for any foreign investor considering investing in China.