Investing in China

investing in chinaThe steady, almost double-digit economic growth in China and the immense supply of cheap labor make any investment in China a high yield one. If you are thinking of investing in China, the investment opportunities are endless.

Invest in China

You can start by opening a representative office in Beijing. According to the Chinese authorities, a representative office of a foreign company can only undertake not-for-profit activities such as consulting, market research, business exchanges and so on. This is a valuable first step in assessing the potential of an investment in the Chinese market. For more information about how to open a representative office in Beijing, you can check out

Foreign Companies in China

The worlds’ largest multinational corporations, such as Microsoft, Nokia, Boeing, Google and many more, have invested in the Chinese market and expanded their companies to include China as well.

If you would like to invest your capital in China, you can access various resources that the administration of Beijing has put together to attract more investors. They have set up the Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau that can assist you with formalities and bureaucracy-related questions, and can also provide you with your own project manager who will advise and represent you in any issue related to having the necessary approvals, permits and documentation to conduct business activities in China.

Currently, due to the global economic recession, FDI levels in China have decreased by over 30% while also shrinking the profit margins of current existing foreign companies that have invested in China. If you are in doubt about investing in China given the current economic setting, here are a few reasons why China is still a good investment destination.

  • China’s cheap labor market is a major advantage when investing in China. The current economic downturn and the threat of rising unemployment offers a great opportunity for even lower labor costs in the future.
  • As of last quarter, the macroeconomic indicators revealed that China has technically passed the recession phase.
  • Even with the most recent economic re-evaluations, the Chinese economy is still expected to grow at roughly 7% — still a good return on your investment.
  • Regardless of the current economic crisis, China is still the world’s fastest-growing economy and the world’s cheapest manufacturer.