Chinese Visa

chinese visaIf you are thinking of investing in China or expanding your business to this vibrant country, visiting China and establishing business contacts would be an important first step. If you have done all the market research and run all feasibility reports, you can now focus on planning the details of your business visit to China.

Chinese Visa

Getting your Chinese visa is the first step towards making sure your business trip to China will be a success. Your best resource for visa information is contacting the Chinese embassy or a Chinese consulate in your country to learn about the required documentation for the type of visa you’ll need. Unlike other countries, China will not issue any visas at its border offices; therefore, you need to have your visa issued prior to your departure.

If your purpose is in any way business-related, you might be eligible for one of two types of visas that the government of China issues.

Chinese Business Visa

Although the Chinese government doesn’t usually issue a specific business or investor’s visa, you can apply for a Chinese tourist visa (also known as the L visa) that is issued for cultural visits, family visits or any short-term stay in China for visiting-related purposes. If you are planning your first visit to China to establish business networks, the L visa could be the right type of visa for you.

The F visa is issued for short-term business related activities and short-term study related activities. If you have been invited to attend a business conference or a business lecture or any activity of this type, then the F visa would definitely apply to you. For detailed information on the application forms necessary for these visas, you can check out Beijing’s official government website.