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As one of the first centers of civilization, China has more than 300,000 years of history to share. The first modern word related to China was “Cin” and it was used in Marco Polo’s writings about China. Having invented writing, paper, silk, gun powder and many other important items, the Chinese civilization is one of the oldest and most complex on earth, although information about China even existing as a civilization was known to the Europeans only around the late 13th century, after Marco Polo’s quest to Central Asia and China.

China has known many forms of government in its rich history, and with each new ruling dynasty, its name changed. Since 1949, it is formally called “The People’s Republic of China,” and its capital is the city of Beijing. Beijing, Shanghai, The Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall of China, and The Peking Man relics are just a few of the over 700 national cultural sites, dozens of which are also UN protected world cultural sites.

You can access a China tourist guide provided by the official Beijing authorities with all the necessary information about visiting China, or you can buy your own guide to China and explore the wonders this delightful country has to offer.

China Economic Information

China is the perfect example of the benefits of adopting a free-market economic system. Since the inception of its open market reform in the late 1970s, China has amazed the whole world with double-digit economic growth rates. According to a country overview report by the World Bank, China has been responsible for eliminating more than 75% of the poverty found in the developing world. China has accomplished this by instituting economic openness, tight monetary policies and encouraging substantial inflows of foreign capital. If you are interested in investing in China, you can click on the “Investing in China” page to find a brief guide to China investment.